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About Mysore Tourism

Mysore tourism is all about the rich culture and history of the Deccan. Mysore garden is a world-famous Mysore visiting place in India. The state of Karnataka (India) bestows the rich and exquisite southern flavors. The architecture the environment the celebrations and the cuisines are all an excellent blend of colors. Mysore has been officially renamed as Mysuru and hence one can find ‘Mysuru’ being referred to. The city is primarily located in the base of the Chamundi hills. In the past Mysore served as the capital city of the Kingdom of Mysore. The Wodeyar dynasty, Tipu sultan, and Hyder Ali are the famous rulers of Mysore.

Reaching Mysore

Mysore is situated at a distance of approximately 146 KM from Bengaluru (Bangalore). Bengaluru is the capital of Karnataka and often referred as the Silicon Valley of India. The city of Bangalore is well connected to all other major cities through Indian railways. There are number of Mysore visiting places where you would certainly like to travel.

  • The easiest and most convenient way of reaching Mysore is to reach Bangalore (Bengaluru).
  • You can take a flight to the kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore. That’s the nearest airport for Mysore tourism.
  • Road ways to Bangalore is also available. Major cities have state bus, Volvos and privately owned buses plying to Bangalore.

One you reach Bangalore you can take a bus or train or a cab to Mysore. There are ample of commuting services available from Bangalore to Mysore. Railway stations, bus stations have Mysore traveling services. The commute to Bangalore is absolutely smooth and easy.

How to Reach Brindavan Garden?

Once you reach the city of Mysore reaching Mysore garden and other Mysore visiting Places is again made easy by the local authorities and the department of tourism. Number of buses ply for the Mysore gardens. Mysore in the state of Karnataka is a historic and celebrated city. To reach Mysore reach the city of Bengaluru and then head towards Mysore.

  • Local buses connect all the important visiting places in the crowning glory of Mysore.
  • Brindavan garden is 24 km away Mysore  and distance between Mysore Palace and Brindavan Gardens is 16 km.
  • If you hire a taxi or a private vehicle you can visit Brindavan Garden with much ease.

Other Mysore visiting places like the Krishna Raja Sagar dam, the glimmering Mysore palace, the railway museum, the famous Mysore zoo all are easily reachable through public transports at an affordable price.

Things to Keep in Mind while Planning Mysore Tour
  • The Brindavan gardens are world famous for the music and light shows. Evenings are magical in the gardens. At the same time if you are a flora lover, day time will introduce you to the number of plant species.
  • The Mysore palace is entirely different both at day time and the night time. History lovers would love to visit in the day time to see the ancient architecture and other stuffs, however the famous lighting of the palace is done in the evening. The magic is in being present at the moment when all lights go on at once.
  • Mysore Dussara is equally famous and is celebrated on international standards with Indian ethics.