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Mysore: A city of Heritage Sites

Mysore is rightly called the “city of palace” and home for many heritage sites. It used to be capital of Karnatka before Bangalore and therefore houses the notable heritage palaces. The city has seven palaces namely Mysore Palace (Amba Vilas), Jayalakshmi Vilas Mansion, Lalitha Mahal Palace, Jaganmohan Palace, Rajendra Vilas Palace, Karanji Mansion and Cheluvamba Mansion. Some of the palaces were residence of the Wodeyars, kings of Mysore and some were made for different purpose and now are renowned as a beautiful heritage hotels.

Mysore Palace

The first palace, Mysore Palace, is a royal residence and the official residence of the Wadiyar dynasty. The architecture of the Mysore palace is the blend of the Rajput, Gothic, Mughal and Hindu style. Wadiyar Dynasty worshipped Goddess Chamundi and were ardent devotees, therefore it played an important role in the location of the palace and it faces the Chamundi hills.

Jayalakshmi palace

Jayalakshmi palaces was built for the eldest daughter of King Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV and now is converted into a museum. The museum houses a collection of beautiful artifacts. The mansion has whopping 125 rooms, 300 windows, 287 exquisitely carved doors.

Lallitha Palace

Lallitha Palace was built by Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV for the stay of viceroy of India and therefore was built on the lines of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. Now the hotel runs as a heritage hotel under the Govt. of India.

Jaganmohan Palace

When the Mysore palace was burnt down in fire, the family had to move temporarily. Jaganmohan Palace was built as an alternate residence of the royal family. The Palace has a Hindu style architecture.

Rajendra Vilas Palace

Rajendra Vilas Palace was a summer palace for the Wodeyars. Maharaja Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV was was schooled on philosophy and English in this building. Due to some financial constraints the building could not be built as planned. The architecture style is Rajasthani which is very much evident from the chatris that are usually seen in the palaces of the maharajas of Rajasthan.

Karanji and Cheluvamba Mansion

Karanji Mansion was built for the second princess, Krishnajammanni and the Cheluvamba Mansion was built for the third princess of Mysore Cheluvajammanni. The mansion is Indo-Saracenic in style and.

So if you happen to visit mysore you should surely visit Brindavan gardens as well as these heritage sites!