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About Brindavan Garden Mysore

Extended over 60 acres of land the Brindavan Garden Mysore is laid in three terraces. The slopes of the Garden are planted with ornamental plants and bougainvillea. Lawns, flower beds, open spaces, shades, are all available in this public park. The most attractive feature remains the musical fountains that are laid in the garden with multi colored effects. This is a historic attraction of the Indian state of Karnataka. This is a treat to the eye. Musical ballet as it is wonderfully referred at times is the most appropriate word to define it. The harmony created between water pressure, lights and music is controlled by a controller.


Brindavan Garden Mysore

Mysore Brindavan Garden is historic in all sense. Year 1927 commenced the garden formation and continued up to 1932. Located near the Krishnaraja sagar Dam in the Srirangapatna taluk of mandya District of Karnataka they are just 20 km away from Mysore. Mysore is the cultural heritage center of Karnataka. Brindavan is 143 km from the city of Bengaluru (capital). The Dam is built across river Kaveri, which is an important river of southern India.

The Garden Panorama

The Main Gate

Huge gate stands to let you in and welcomes you to the wonder garden. The very entrance will take your heart leaps and bounds because the rose gardens on either side are amazing. They are well maintained, with annual flowerbeds.

North Brindavan

This is where all the lights and sounds magic lies. Beautiful terrace gardens with lush lawns and maintained flowering plants are a common sight. Sago palm, Copper pod, Polyalthea, Bougainvillea, Bigonia, Allamanda, are some of the species that you will find prevailing in this part of the garden. You can see a plant nursery here for maintenance, growth and sale of plants. The Brindavan garden timings of light and sound shows illuminate the entire garden.

South Brindavan

Here you can see the similar sights like that of the north garden however here one can see fountains sprinkling water continuously. Lawn that has flowering plants seasonal and annual is well maintained here. Similarly here we have colored lights that illuminate and attract tourists even more.
A glass house is maintained here for different plants and green house effects. The Mysore Brindavan garden is first choice of plant lovers, but you automatically start loving them once you are here.

Children’s area

Slides, statues, birds, aquatic animals and other children’s attractions are found to keep your tiny tots busy and enjoying their trip.

Fisheries Station

The dam near by allows a fisheries station to be maintained here.

Hydraulic Station

This is important from the scientific view point. The dam allows the hydraulic research station to function at its best.